Innovation Investment Technologies
The main goal is to improve efficiency
of investments at each stage:
Stage 1 - Smart Search
IPN uses unique technologies to find projects with high hidden potential. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used for search & pre-screen
Stage 2 - Due Diligence
Apart of classical methods, IPN uses revolutionary methods to assess the prospects of projects.
The main factors are the team, their vision and the ability to collaborate within the team
Stage 3 - MatchDoTM to investors
Each investor has his own idea of the ideal project in which he would like to invest. IPN uses MatchDo technology to easily select only the best fit projects
Stage 4 - Secured Deal
IPN knows each investor, founder in the network personally. Everybody passes through the KYC & AML procedures. IPN guarantees safety.
Stage 5 - Development Monitor
Investments are just the beginning. Keep track of success and project statistics in IPN Development Monitor integrated with accounting systems
Stage 6 - Fast Exit
IPN allows to make an fast exit or sale the shares for fair value. The reason of sale doesn't matter