Invest Hack Online Summit 2021 News

What is Invest Hack Online Summit 2021?

IPN (investors private network) team is hosting the Invest Hack Online Summit 2021 at 18th of March. The summit is unique since the speakers are active investors across the globe!

Imagine if you could sit at the same table with top investors from around the world ready to share with you the successful and failed stories about their investor’s path and live cases. You can ask them your questions and discover what they actually want - and how they make decisions. Our event is this opportunity. 

We believe, you will get a lot of insights how to quickly fundraise (if you are founder) or to make decisions about efficient investments (if you are investor).

When you pitch investors or want something from them - You’ll never get the same effect and they won’t talk to you so honestly. This is exactly why you should attend our Summit!

 So, what can you expect from the summit? 
  • 9 speakers - Active Investors Only (VC’s / Private investors / Angels)
  • $38,000,000,000 Sum of investments / AUM & deals of speakers
  • 517 Total numbers of deals and investments experience
  • 5 hours - Intensive exclusive content and Q&A sessions / Panel Discussion
  • 20 cases & 100+ hacks how to invest and fundraised

To get access to the event, you can get a ticket through this link by invitation. We receive an applications to join us every 15 minutes, 2300 attendees already confirmed participation.

Top active Investors will tell you how to hack their investment decision-making process: 

1 CALIFORNIA, USA - Ben Narasin from “NEA”, one of the world’s largest VC with over $27 Billion AUM. Veteran Investor BEN NARASIN speaks on "How to Target/Select Best VC Investors/Fund Managers"

2 CANADA - Elisabeth Laet from Holt Acceleratot, 29 investments $200K-2M ticket size. Top fintech Investor ELISABETH LAET speaks on "How we evaluate fintech companies and make investment decisions"

3 NETHERLANDS - Korstiaan Zandvliet from Urban Impact Ventures, $500k-2M ticket size. Top angel Investor KORSTIAAN ZANDVLIET speaks on "Venture Investments - how I evaluate startups and make decisions. 1000+ startups experience"

4 DUBAI - Mandar Joshi, Angel Investor with 21 investments and 8 successful exits. Investor and Start-up mentor MANDAR JOSHI speaks on "How I successfully invested in UAE/India startups with х3.8 - 80x return on investment"

5 SOUTH KOREA - Sang H. Lee, Angel Investor with $10bn investment banking experience & $2M venture investments. Investor and Strategic Advisor SANG H.LEE speaks on "Connecting with Investors in Asia"

6 SPAIN - Antonio Cantalapiedra, Angel Investor with $2M investments and $40M fundraising experience. Top Spain Strategic advisor and investor ANTONIO CANTALAPIEDRA speaks on "How to build a long-lasting, resilient and successful team. Hiring advice for startups".

7 CZECH REPUBLIC - Rostyslav Reviuk, Investor and Co-founder of IPN (host of event) with $500M M&A and $14M fundraising experience. Top Czech M&A deal advisor and investor ROSTYSLAV REVIUK speak on "What investors actually want. Is your team ready to be invested in?"

8 BRAZIL - Andre Martins, co-founder at SuperJob Venture Capital with 23+ investments in Brazil’s startups. Investor and founder of VC capital firm ANDRE MARTINS speak on “How we invested in 23 startups where 18 are successful”

20+ cases and 100+ hacks - Get a chance to discover experience of active Investors. Learn how to "hack" fundraising code and become a leader in your niche!

Also you can get all the summit video-records and gifts from the speakers after summit, completely free. To get access, you can get a ticket through this link by my invitation. It's very simple and takes less than 1 minute! 

You need this Summit if you are:
1 Private Investor / Family Office
You would like to get best practice from other investors

2 Novice Investor
You want to understand how successful investors choose startups to invest in

3 Founder of Startup
You want to raise investments efficiently and quickly and learn how investors make decisions

4 Investors Relations Manager
You want to effectively engage and work with investors

5 Exploring the market
You want to dive into the world of investments and don't know how to start

6 Global Entrepreneur
You will see the difference in the mentality of investors from all over the world

If it fits for you - then you should definitely book a time in your calendar and attend. And here's what you can get: 

  • 5 intensive hours of 20+ case studies (from 2.5х to 80х return) and 100+ practical "hacks" from Active Investors: from early stage investments to late stage investments
  • WorldWide vision: Combined experience of investors from USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Communication with speakers: Q&A sessions after each session and Panel Discussion

Check out the Agenda on the website,
join our event on Linkedin
and get your ticket on invitation. 
It's very simple and takes less than 1 minute! 

See you

Best Regards,
IPN team