Invest Hack Online Summit 2021 News

Investor from Czech Republic - Rostyslav Reviuk, speaks at the Invest Hack Online Summit 2021

Get a chance to learn more from Investor/Co-founder at IPN Prague, Czech Republic,$500M M&A Deals and $14M Fundraising.

Rostyslav's Reviuk topic is "What investors actually want. Is your team
ready to be invested in?"

An experienced leader with proven extensive experience in investments, project management, team management and financial functions of companies of various sizes and at all stages of development, from start-ups to multibillion-dollar holdings.

Co-founder and CEO at IPN - Investors Private Network. Co-owner of MAPPLCOM.

● M&A Experience > $500 mln
● Fundraising experience up to $14 mln
● Co-owner of various businesses
● Private Investor
● Private Pilot of jets and helicopters

Formulates and implements business strategies. Creates motivation for others and a team spirit of success. A carrier of positive change. Has extensive experience in international business, structuring M&A deals. Understands the specifics of building effective relationships with shareholders, management and subordinates.

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