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Investor from Canada - Elisabeth Laet, speaks at the Invest Hack Online Summit 2021

Get a chance to learn investment strategies and get your questions answered by a Fintech investor from Canada with over 28 investments.

Elisabeth Laet topic is "Investments in fast-growing fintech companies - how we evaluate them and make decisions"

Elisabeth is managing partner at the Holt Accelerator. Backed by Holdun, Holt Accelerator is Canada’s most active seed fintech investor. Over the last two years, Holt has received over 1,800 applications from over 85 countries, for a coveted spot in the program, in which Holt then invest in the top 1% of applicants globally.

With a portfolio of 28 active investments, who have reached their milestones, including over 50+ deals established with financial institutions as customers, and institutional investors, resulting in the portfolio companies raising an additional $30 million post program, up from $12 million prior to entering the program.

Whether occupying senior roles in Fortune 50 technology companies, investing in start-ups or being hands on to accelerate growth, Elisabeth is no stranger to the start-up scene. She has done business as well as travelled extensively to every major geography in the world, managing revenue pipelines for global products and customers.

With over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, her keen eye to understand a business and its potential for success is a great asset to the Holt team. Her contributions did not go unnoticed as she landed a spot on the Digital Finance Institutes’ Top 50 Women in Fintech for 2019.

Elisabeth is active in multiple diversity initiatives, including leading the Women in Tech initiative of YES Montreal as well as being a national leader in the Status of Women Canada GENC project. She also serves  as the Vice-President of the board of the YES Montreal and has been an active advisor to Holt Accelerator over the last two years.

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