Invest Hack Online Summit 2021 News

Investor from India - Vikram Duggal, speaks at the Invest Hack Online Summit 2021

Learn more about invest hacks and get your questions answered by Vikram Duggal from India, Investor / Managing Partner - Ekcle Ventures with  20 investments in startups $1mln ticket size.

Over last 20+ years, Vikram has headed Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Strategy functions for leading companies & brands across India in verticals such as Consumer Goods, Media, Retail, IT and Banking.

He has successfully launched and revamped brands nationally, set up new business verticals & alternate revenue channels, scaled up operations, optimized break-even and profitability timelines for new businesses. Vikram is an alumnus of MICA Ahmedabad and is / has been associated with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, IIT Kanpur (SIIC), CII, Nasscom 10K Startup Warehouse, ICC, Founder Institute (USA), Unitus Seed Fund, etc. as an investor, mentor & advisor.

Vikram regularly features as a Speaker, Jury Member, Guest Faculty, etc. at prominent startup events, TV shows, and Business schools across India.

Get a chance to discover experience, cases and hacks from Vikram and Eckle. Learn how to "hack" fundraising code and become a leader in your niche!

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