The first global social network for investors
founders and business owners
Combination of startup/business marketplace and
specialised social network with own ECO system
ECO System
Startup projects become companies, startup teams become founders and then become investors. Historical development of projects, teams, companies is easily tracked. So, it is easy to make decesion
Marketplace for dealflows
Only verified projects based on IPN criteria
You see live teams behind the projects
Your Profile
Your profile includes your investment experience or fundraising experience, your portfolio, successful projects and exits, etc.
Private Groups
Groups are available for investors, founders, business acquirers, startup teams without any random people inside
Discussions of projects, industries, trends and news in the investment world
Zoom Meetings
Zoom appointments directly through the platform. Pitches to investors without intermediaries, commissions, success fees
Relevant Connections
A startup founder can add only other founders in his connection, not investors.
Investor can add anybody to connections
Private Messages
Direct communication between network members via private messages
Network Search
Convenient search tool for projects, dealfows, companies and members
Private Community
All private data is secured and confidential